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Consilium Chartered Accountants are an independent firm of accountants and business advisors, supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Scotland and the UK. We help business owners achieve their goals by providing a comprehensive range of Audit, Accounting, Business Advisory, Tax, Corporate Finance, Cloud Accounting and Payroll services.

Established in Glasgow in 2013, Consilium is an entrepreneurial firm that works hand-in-hand with clients to develop and build their businesses. Our name derives from Latin and reflects our business ethos: to plan, to advise, to counsel and to share our wisdom in all aspects of business management with clients.

We may be an independent firm, but we punch well above our weight, supporting businesses with big aspirations nationally and internationally.

Consilium: client-focused solutions to maximise business potential

Consilium’s vision is a simple one: to help people achieve their goals. This vision includes the goals of both our clients and our team.

By matching the skills of our team to their roles, we aim to allow them to reach their full potential. Consilium Chartered Accountants provides a challenging and supportive environment in which the team can thrive and excel.

Focussing on our team in this way, allows us to provide a range of services to our clients which support them to focus on their business and personal goals, and help them to achieve them. Along the way, Consilium aims to build long-term relationships that bring out the best in all parties.

Be Consilium: our core values

At Consilium Chartered Accountants, our culture is central to helping us achieve our vision and meet our purpose. Our culture is underpinned by the mantra ‘Be Consilium’.

To Be Consilium, we live by our values:

  • Advice: we plan, we advise, we counsel, we exercise our judgement and share our wisdom
  • Integrity: we do what’s right, we act with honesty and openness and we take responsibility for our actions. If we make a mistake, we correct it and learn from it
  • Teamwork: we do it together and we are inclusive. We respect, trust and support each other, and we celebrate together. We encourage, we challenge, and we teach
  • Progressive: we look forward, we learn, we adapt, and we improve. We embrace modern technology and working practices.

Learn more about the Consilium team, our partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility pledges and Career opportunities.

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