VAT Return services

Completing VAT returns can be a complex and time-consuming effort for businesses. Even with an in-house finance team, the nature of VAT return processing can require specialist advice. 

Consilium Chartered Accountants provide a range of VAT return services to suit your unique business needs. By outsourcing your VAT returns – in full or in part – we can help you and your finance team to focus on growing profitability. 

Outsourced VAT return services

Consilium’s VAT return services offer the following: 

  • Preparation, completion and submission of VAT returns from your books and records
  • Reviewing your VAT workings before submission to HMRC
  • Assisting clients to submit their VAT returns in compliance with Making Tax Digital rules
  • Attending VAT inspections and dealing with VAT inspectors on the client’s behalf
  • Advice on VAT issues and queries.

Learn more below about Consilium’s VAT return services or contact our lead Partner, Derek Shaw to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting. 

VAT Return services

VAT advisory services from Consilium

Outsourcing your VAT return processing to Consilium offers a host of benefits. By allowing our VAT experts to review or prepare your VAT returns, issues can be identified before processing and remedial action taken to rectify them. In doing so, clients have confidence and peace of mind that their VAT returns are submitted timeously and accurately. 

Consilium Chartered Accountants advise business owners and finance teams on VAT issues and develop tax-efficient business structures. This includes analysing the VAT implications of business decisions, transactions or investments and negotiating with HMRC on VAT-related matters.

To arrange an informal in-person or virtual meeting, please contact our lead Partner, Derek Shaw

Learn more about Consilium’s VAT advisory services

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