Exit Planning

Exit planning can be a critical part of any business sale or purchase. Consilium Chartered Accountants are proud to have provided Scottish business owners with the opportunity to solidify the legacy of their hard work, protect loyal staff and achieve their personal goals through effective business exit planning and strategy. 

At Consilium Chartered Accountants we offer our clients extensive experience in all aspects of business transactions from financial due diligence and valuations, to identifying potential buyers and managing personal/business tax liabilities. 

Consilium Chartered Accountants provided exit planning and succession planning services to business owners in Scotland.

Learn more about Consilium’s approach to exit planning or contact our lead Partners, John Blair or Linzi Wilson.

Exit planning for business owners

Business exit strategy projects are Partner-led at Consilium Chartered Accountants, ensuring wise counsel and effective advice are always available. Whether you are starting to think about the future or are ready to create an exit strategy framework, we offer expertise in: 

  • Business valuations: assessing the potential market value of your business and building evidence to support that valuation
  • Building an exit strategy framework: establishing your personal and professional goals; assessing the viability of succession options, such as a Management Buyout or Employee Buyout, and analysing market conditions  
  • Tax strategy: developing a plan to ensure you pay the right amount of tax on your transaction and potential liabilities will not deter prospective buyers.

This is complemented by our dedication to understanding the inner workings of our client’s business. By taking the time to know your business Consilium Chartered Accountants can assist with your exit planning and ensure your business is ready no matter what exit strategy is right for you, whether it is a trade sale, Management Buyout (MBO), Employee Buyout (EBO) or other form of exit.  

The importance of a business exit strategy for investors 

Consilium provides expertise on both the buy and sell sides of a business transaction. We regularly work with investors – institutions and angels – to provide peace of mind that a business is appropriately valued, and can successfully transition to new ownership.

As an advisor to a potential buyer or investor, Consilium supports clients across a wide range of transaction support services, including: 

  • Due diligence: undertaking thorough financial, tax and marketplace assessments; modelling financial projections; asset valuations and determining tax liabilities
  • Managing the transaction process: supporting investors in negotiations and scrutinising evidence from the seller
  • Establishing a negotiating position and price limits 
  • Pre- and post-deal documentation: helping you navigate the maze of tax, financial and legal agreements and filings required to complete the transaction smoothly.

Build an exit strategy framework with Consilium 

It is never too early, or too late, to build an exit strategy for your business. By partnering with Consilium Chartered Accountants, you can be assured of the right advice, expertise and commitment to ensure a smooth, successful transition. 

Exit Planning, or succession planning, is the development of a strategy that enables the company owner to maximise value and leave their business on their terms. Preparing for exit should not be left until an unplanned event triggers an untimely exit. Instead, we can help you to systematically prepare an exit strategy based on your objectives.

Contact our lead Partners Linzi Wilson or John Blair for an informal chat about your business and exit planning opportunities.  

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