Financial Due Diligence

Delivering comprehensive Financial Due Diligence services is a significant part of our portfolio at Consilium Chartered Accountants, now exceeding £200m in value. We work extensively with investors, Private Equity firms, banks, individuals and businesses in Scotland and UK-wide on financial and taxation due diligence projects across a broad range of industry sectors. 

We plan our work thoroughly, ensuring it is undertaken efficiently by focusing on the key risks of the target business. Consilium’s reports are tailored to the needs of our clients and we ensure, through regular communication, that any issues are proactively identified and resolved. 

Our job is to make sure clients know every detail of a business, the realities of its operations and how they can mitigate any risks in their investment decision. At Consilium we work hand in hand with clients, taking a partnership approach which means we can advise and support them from the very first discussion about an acquisition or investment. 

Find out more about Consilium’s Financial due diligence services below or contact lead Partners David Holt or Linzi Wilson to talk about your specific needs.  

Take a look at our track record of providing Financial Due Diligence services to our clients.

Financial due diligence and business transaction support

Consilium Chartered Accountants are commissioned to undertake commercial and financial due diligence as part of: 

  • Pre-purchase due diligence
  • Pre-lending assessments
  • Vendor pre-sale due diligence
  • Pre-investment due diligence. 

Business valuation and transaction support services

Financial due diligence starts with agreeing and outlining a scope of work that is tailored on a business-by-business basis. Typically, the scope would require that Consilium provide an analysis of the historical performance and future projections, along with considering the financial reporting environment, working capital, cash flow and liabilities of the target business. 

By instructing financial due diligence from Consilium a purchaser or investor can consider whether the risk profile, structure and value of the investment are appropriate before concluding a transaction. 

Led by our Corporate Finance team, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and the extensive knowledge and expertise of our senior partners. As a comprehensive Accounting, Audit and Tax advisory firm, we can call on the expertise and insight of all departments to ensure business transactions are completed as efficiently as possible. 

To arrange a virtual or in-person discussion, contact our lead Partners David Holt or Linzi Wilson.

Supporting buyers and sellers with valuation advisory services 

At Consilium we provide financial due diligence services on both the buy and sell sides of a transaction. Vendors work with us to ensure they get the same perspective on their business as a prospective buyer does. 

Consequently, our clients can take remedial action on areas of business weakness before it impacts negatively on a valuation or subsequent negotiations, helping to maximise the value of their business and smooth out the sale or investment process.

Financial due diligence services

Entrepreneurial accountants with international reach

Consilium Chartered Accountants is an entrepreneurial business at heart. Our business is building your business and we take personal satisfaction in that. Combined with our extensive deal-making experience – take a look at our Success Stories – we also offer international reach. 

As a proud member of the Kreston Global network of accountancy firms and advisors, Consilium provides financial due diligence, transaction advisory and wider finance services on international business sales and purchases. 

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