Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Financial modelling and forecasting are essential tools for every SME. Few, however, have the in-house expertise or time to do it. Whether you are looking to raise funding, refinance or simply improve your budgeting and forecasting, Consilium Chartered Accountants are specialists in financial modelling and forecasting. 

Business modelling for investment

Scottish SMEs have come to rely on Consilium Chartered Accountants to provide accurate and comprehensive business modelling. Robust financial forecasts and projections are the foundation of any fund raising or investment plan.

Financial modelling services from Consilium Chartered Accountants.

At Consilium we have a wealth of experience supporting businesses with financial modelling and forecasting. This includes:

  • Producing management accounts
  • Creating accurate budget forecasts for your whole business or individual groups/divisions/franchises
  • Establishing financial management and forecasting processes to underpin your business plan(s)
  • Building a suite of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enhance overall business performance and profitability
  • Planning for proposed business acquisitions or disposals
  • Helping you build a successful business case for funding or investment from lenders, financial institutions or investors.  

Consilium provides these services on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a business advisory project.

Contact our lead Partner, Linzi Wilson for an informal discussion about how Consilium can support you with financial modelling for business investment. 

Financial modelling to boost your business

Financial forecasting, cash flow analysis and business modelling may feel like unnecessary administrative work. However, businesses that are otherwise well-run can easily fail due to an unexpected cash shortfall or poor forecasting. 

Therefore, a robust strategy and careful monitoring are vital to minimise risk.

Financial modelling and forecasting services from Consilium Chartered Accountants.

Consilium Chartered Accountants work with Scottish businesses across multiple sectors including engineering, hospitality, and technology to input into their strategic planning. Specifically, we can support your business planning with: 

  • In-depth analysis of your business
  • Assessments of opportunities and risks from a financial perspective
  • Financial modelling and forecasting
  • Analysis of product/service/business unit profitability
  • Recommendations for cost saving, investment and strategic development. 

Contact our lead Partner, Linzi Wilson for an informal discussion about how financial modelling and forecasting can grow your business. 

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