Fund Raising and Refinancing 

At Consilium Chartered Accountants, we help our Scottish and UK clients with fund raising and refinancing for business development and growth. 

Our enviable track record of success is built on an extensive and trusted network of funders including banks, financial institutions, venture capitalists and local/regional/national grant authorities. Funders know Consilium Chartered Accountants and know our track record. Therefore, they are confident in the businesses and business owners we match them with. 

Our objective is to be able to advise on all aspects of a potential fund raising, including: 

  • Developing investment plans as part of your business strategy: ensuring funding and investment is part of a comprehensive business development plan  
  • Initial assessment of investment viability: determining the likelihood of securing different types of business funding 
  • Financial projections: assessing repayments against projected investment returns
  • Managing the application process: assisting with application forms, proposals to potential investors and post-deal investor reporting.  

Learn more about Consilium’s fund raising and refinancing services or contact our lead Partners, Linzi Wilson or John Blair

Helping businesses choose the right funding source

Clients expect our Corporate Finance team to help them assess multiple finance options, ranging from asset-backed debt to equity finance and grants/economic incentives. Whether clients are seeking development capital, funds for a business purchase or backing to enter a new market, we help them make the right decision.  

Determining the most suitable funding source relies on Consilium’s deep understanding of each client’s business. This allows our team to offer a comprehensive assessment of the finance options available, the associated obligations and risks, and how to select the right source. 

Fund raising for businesses

Securing business funding and supporting investment

Our involvement does not end when the money is in the bank. Partnering with Consilium Chartered Accountants to secure funding opens a gateway to all of the professional services and expertise within our organisation including Audit, Tax and Accounting

Contact our lead Partners, Linzi Wilson or John Blair for an informal chat about your business investment needs and how Consilium Chartered Accountants can secure funding and refinancing options that are right for your business.  

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