Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax planning can be something of an afterthought for many people as they do not want to spend their time thinking about care home costs or tax arising on their estate on death. However, it is important to realise that the decisions we make now may impact our lives, and those of our loved ones, in years to come. 

Consilium Chartered Accountants provide specialist inheritance tax planning in Scotland and across the UK. Our objective is to help you protect your family wealth, minimise tax liabilities and provide tax-efficient succession and estate planning. 

Our vastly experienced team of tax experts and estate management advisors can take you through the planning needed to: 

  • Mitigate against inheritance tax through careful estate planning
  • Discuss structures, e.g. trusts or family investment companies, and other mechanisms to mitigate total tax liabilities. 

To arrange a confidential consultation – virtually or in-person – on inheritance tax planning and advice, please contact our Tax Partner Craig Coyle.

Inheritance tax planning does not need to be bewildering

The steps you take now to mitigate inheritance tax liabilities do not need to be complex. 

Consilium can advise you on simple steps that can safeguard your wealth for your own future years and the next generation. 

Clients can also call upon the expertise and insight of our teams across Audit, Accountancy, Corporate Finance and Cloud Accounting disciplines. 

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