Remuneration Planning

In a competitive employment market, simply offering a good salary is no longer enough to attract the best and brightest talent. Remuneration planning focuses on developing tailored packages that offer the right combination of benefits for you and your staff.   

Consilium Chartered Accountants help businesses in Scotland and the UK with tax-efficient remuneration planning for owner-managers and employees. Different types of remuneration packages exist, covering provisions like salary, dividends, share schemes, benefits in kind (e.g. company cars), salary sacrifice and profit share. Consilium works with SMEs of all sizes to develop remuneration strategies that benefit both the employee and the business. 

Remuneration planning and advice for businesses and business owners from Consilium Chartered Accountants.

Read on to learn about the benefits of remuneration planning and Consilium’s remuneration planning services. To arrange an initial consultation, contact Tax Partner Craig Coyle

What are the benefits of remuneration planning? 

The main benefits of remuneration planning include: 

  • Creating tax-efficient strategies to extract profit from your business
  • Providing employee remuneration packages that attract the best talent
  • Mitigating tax liabilities for business owners.  

As well as providing remuneration strategies, Consilium’s team of Tax specialists also offer employee remuneration and benefits administration services. In conjunction with our Payroll services, we can take the hassle out of managing the whole remuneration process. 

The profit question: remuneration strategy 

You have built your business into a profitable one but now comes the profit question: how to extract that profit in the most tax-efficient manner? 

It might seem like a simple issue yet there are a myriad of factors to be considered before making a decision. Remuneration strategies from Consilium Chartered Accountants help business owners find the right combination depending on company profits, income sources, National Insurance, pension contributions and more.

Our remuneration planning specialists can help you craft the right combination of dividend and salary options for tax-efficient profit extraction. For tailored remuneration planning advice, contact Tax Partner Craig Coyle to arrange a virtual or in-person consultation. 

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