Tax Restructuring & Clearances

When a business is restructuring for commercial reasons tax implications and risks need to be managed. Consilium Chartered Accountants help SMEs address the tax issues that may arise from a company restructuring exercise and, where appropriate, correspond with HMRC to obtain the relevant tax clearances.

Tax restructuring services from Consilium Chartered Accountants.

Tax restructuring strategies and HMRC clearances

Our Tax team have in-depth knowledge of HMRC’s tax clearance and approval system, ensuring Consilium clients can apply for tax clearances with confidence and manage the associated risks of a business restructure. We regularly advise clients on tax-efficient restructuring of business entities e.g. making extensive use of holding companies and separate single-purpose companies or subsidiaries. 

No matter the commercial reasons for a business restructuring, Consilium’s objective is to provide effective tax risk management and protection for our clients. 

To arrange an initial consultation – virtually or in person – please contact our Tax Partner Craig Coyle

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