From Graduate Trainee to Partner 

We truly believe there is no limit to the career progression opportunities at Consilium Chartered Accountants for graduates and trainees. One of our Corporate Finance Partners, Linzi Wilson CA is a case in point. 

Linzi Wilson


Why did you decide to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant?

At school, maths was definitely my strongest subject. The big attraction was always having an answer at the end of your work. Naturally, I wanted to study subjects like accounts and finance in high school and that’s where the idea of pursuing a career as an accountant came from.  

I completed a joint honours degree in Accounts and Marketing, and I think studying both subjects is what drew me to specialising in Corporate Finance; there is a combination of the accuracy of the numeric side and the strategy and sales element.  

Linzi on going from a top 10 firm to a new business…

After graduating I completed my CA training under our current senior team. It was such an enjoyable experience that when they decided to set up an independent firm – Consilium – I had no hesitation in accepting their invitation to join. 

Joining Consilium was, for me, all about the people. I was at a top 10 accountancy firm at the time and it could be considered a risk to move to a brand new, small firm. It didn’t feel that way to me because the people and the ethos of the company were the attraction. It is a positive environment, friendly and supportive and you are definitely not just a number.

It is the people that attracted me to Consilium, and it is people who have kept me here too.

Linzi on opportunities to accelerate your development at Consilium… 

Working at Consilium I’ve certainly been able to gain greater experience, quicker than would have been the case elsewhere. You are encouraged and supported to take on more responsibility and develop your knowledge and skills. You get a wider breadth of training and practical experience too.

 I don’t believe I would have had the opportunities to front the types of transactions I have at Consilium if I had been at a bigger firm. There are definite opportunities to accelerate your development at the firm. 

Linzi on professional exams

Studying for the CA qualification is tough, there are no two ways about it. The exams are hard but if you put in the time and use the advice and experience of other CA’s around you, the reward is worth the effort. 

There were times when I thought: ‘am I going to get through this? I genuinely look back now and would tell anyone considering studying for a CA qualification, that it is one of the best things you can do. Stick with it! 

It opens so many doors and opportunities for you, whether you want to stay in practice or not. Worldwide the CA qualification is respected and admired, and it can take you to great opportunities in your career. 

CA training at Consilium: it’s all about experience

CA training with Consilium is all about that broad range of exposure and experience. Instead of being just one person in a huge team conducting an audit, for example, you’ll play a bigger and more significant role in the whole process. As a smaller firm with a full range of specialisms, our trainees get the opportunity to work across all these areas. 

In many firms, they have an expectation from the outset that the majority of trainees will leave after they complete their CA qualification. We take on trainees who want to build a career at Consilium.

Learn more about Graduate Accountancy training contracts with Consilium, including how to apply, or take a look at our current job vacancies.   

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