About Consilium

Every number tells a story.

In its simplest form it speaks of profit & loss, debit & credit, red & black..
Accountants understand numbers, but not every accountant takes the time to understand the stories those numbers tell.
Here at Consilium, we take that time to listen and make sure the numbers tell the best possible story for you and your business.

Led by an experienced partner team and supported by highly qualified professional staff, our specialist areas include tax compliance and advisory, business services and accounts and corporate finance. We work as a team with our clients’​ needs at the heart of everything we do.

The Latin word Consilium translates as:

Advice | Wisdom | Counsel | Plan

Our ethos is reflected in our name.

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The Team

David Holt+

David Holt

Audit, Corporate Finance
John Blair+

John Blair

Corporate Finance
James Goodman+

James Goodman

Accounts & Business Services
Derek Shaw+

Derek Shaw

Accounts & Business Services
Linzi Wilson+

Linzi Wilson

Corporate Finance

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