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Are you an aspiring Chartered Accountant wondering where to launch your career after graduation? In this interview with 2nd-year ICAS trainee Heather Johnstone, we discover how her first year of CA training with Consilium Chartered Accountants has been.

Heather, you started with Consilium as a Graduate trainee in August 2023. How has your first year of CA training been?

It has felt like a very fast year so far as I’m always learning new things at work and away at ICAS lectures.

What has the highlight been so far?

Passing my TC (first level) ICAS exams first time before Christmas!

What has been your big learning takeaway from the year?

Not being afraid to ask questions when I’m trying new jobs and gaining greater confidence when dealing with clients.

Consilium specialises in owner-managed businesses. How does that influence the clients and projects you work on as a Graduate trainee?

When you get to deal with the owners directly in the Audit, they are often very passionate about the business and can give you a comprehensive overview of the business they’ve developed.

How does your CA training experience with Consilium compare to fellow ICAS students you are studying with?

Quote from Heather Johnstone, Consilium 2nd year CA training student: I get more practical experience and client-facing jobs at Consilium than I might at a larger firm.

From what I’ve heard from other ICAS students and friends working in Audit I get more practical experience and client-facing jobs at Consilium than I might at a larger firm.

Looking into the future, where do you see yourself in three years?

Hopefully, I’ll be Chartered after passing all my exams!

Any advice for graduates considering completing their CA training with Consilium?

If you’re looking to work at a smaller firm, Consilium is a great option and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you start.

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