HMRC investigations

An HMRC investigation into your personal or business tax affairs can signal the beginning of a time-consuming, stressful and costly process. Consilium Chartered Accountants have experience representing clients across all types of investigation from income tax and PAYE to VAT and corporation tax. 

Consilium provides an end-to-end service and will represent and support you until the investigation is completed. Our experienced senior team have helped clients achieve successful outcomes in a wide range of tax-related investigations, across business and personal tax issues. 

Consilium Chartered Accountants support businesses with HMRC investigations

Learn more about Consilium’s HMRC Tax investigation services below. Alternatively, contact Tax Partner, Craig Coyle to arrange a confidential discussion of your tax affairs or a pending tax investigation. 

HMRC investigation insurance by Consilium 

For added peace of mind, Consilium Chartered Accountants offer clients Tax fee protection insurance. By paying an annual premium, clients are then covered for professional fees incurred due to an HMRC tax investigation. 

HMRC investigation insurance combined with our tax compliance and tax planning services offers clients comprehensive coverage. Should a tax investigation occur, Consilium clients know they have the full support of our experienced tax investigation specialists to robustly defend their position.

Personal tax services by Consilium Chartered Accountants

For more information about Tax fee protection, contact Craig Coyle to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting. 

Tax investigation advice for UK SMEs

HMRC Tax investigations can happen to any business. At Consilium we believe small and medium-sized businesses should still be able to access specialist tax advice and investigation support.

In the event of HMRC enquiries, Consilium’s approach is proactive; working with clients to provide evidence that their tax compliance and their tax affairs are up to date and accurate. Our Tax compliance and tax planning teams are the cornerstones of this strategy, providing clients with invaluable insight and expertise.

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