Charity Auditors and Advisors

At Consilium Chartered Accountants we are more than just charity auditors. We are trusted advisors to Scottish charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations on the journey towards fulfilling their goals. Consilium believes in the power of partnership, seeing ourselves as an extension of your management team or board of trustees. Our passion lies in exceeding compliance requirements and empowering you to achieve your social mission.

Charity auditors and advisors in Scotland - Consilium Chartered Accountants. Image depicts a volunteer sorting through donated clothes at a charity warehouse.

For any charity, navigating the financial complexities of your mission can feel like walking a tightrope. Ensuring responsible stewardship of funds, meeting regulatory demands, and meeting stakeholder expectations – it all rests on a foundation of accurate, insightful financial guidance that comes from working with experienced charity auditors.

Discover more about Consilium’s approach to Audit or contact our Charity Audit lead, Brian Thomson to arrange an informal meeting.

Charity auditors: going beyond statutory requirements

Our commitment goes beyond the standard charity Audit. We offer a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Charity accounting: Tailored solutions to streamline your financial processes, enhance transparency, and inform strategic decision-making
  • Tax advice: Navigating the complex landscape of charity taxation ensures you maximise resources and reliefs
  • Payroll services and outsourcing: Freeing you to focus on your core objectives by expertly managing your payroll needs
  • Cloud accounting: Embracing the future of financial management with secure, accessible systems that empower you anytime, anywhere.

Use the links above to discover more about Consilium’s accounting services or contact our charity Audit lead, Brian Thomson.

Advisory services for charity Audit clients

Consilium provides charities and social enterprises with valuable insights and knowledge that will illuminate your path. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities faced by charities in Scotland, from hospices and healthcare to education initiatives and children’s charities.

Charity auditors and advisors - Consilium Chartered Accountants. Image depicts a meeting of trustees of a charity around a meeting table with laptop computers.

Our experienced team of charity auditors know every charity is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why we offer a bespoke range of advisory functions for charities and social enterprises beyond statutory charity Audit:

  • Management accounts: Access current financial insights to guide informed decision-making.
  • Trustee and board training: Empower your leadership with the financial knowledge to confidently steer your charity.
  • Process reviews: Optimise your internal operations for enhanced efficiency and impact.
  • Financial control reviews: Identify and address any potential vulnerabilities to safeguard your finances.
  • Tax structuring and restructuring advice: Minimise your charity’s tax burden and maximise available resources and tax reliefs.

Consilium has a proven track record in charity and non-profit Audit, particularly with charities in the £3m plus turnover range. But we are equally dedicated to supporting smaller charities, tailoring our expertise to fit their needs and aspirations.

Please contact Brian Thomson to discuss your charity Audit requirements.

Why choose Consilium Chartered Accountants as your charity auditors?

Selecting the right charity auditor is not just about ticking compliance boxes. It’s about finding a team that embraces your cause, empowers your mission, and challenges you to aim higher.

Our charity clients trust us as their auditors because we are:

  • Passionate: Many of our team members are connected to the causes we serve, bringing empathy and dedication alongside their expertise
  • Proactive: We are not just Charity auditors; we are your proactive partner, sharing best practices, insights, and updates on relevant legislation
  • Commercial: Our experience with commercial organisations allows us to identify valuable learnings and adapt them to the unique context of charities, enhancing your operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Courageous: We believe in open communication and are not afraid to ask the tough questions that ultimately lead to better outcomes for your charity or not-for-profit organisation
  • Trustworthy: Our charity and social enterprise clients tell us they value our experience, integrity, and exceptional staff retention.

We would love to hear from Finance leads or Trustees of Scottish charities who are keen to push their organisation forward. Please contact Brian Thomson to set up an initial meeting or learn more about what makes Consilium Chartered Accountants different.

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