An audit of your business or charity is an essential independent check. It provides peace of mind for you and your stakeholders that a business is fully compliant with current financial regulations. By maintaining robust independence and reporting, Consilium Chartered Accountants have established a reputation for the delivery of high-quality audit and assurance services.  

An annual audit is also the foundation of good business planning and decision-making. As highly experienced auditors, Consilium takes an in-depth look at your business or not-for-profit organisation to determine financial, commercial and governance risks and opportunities. Working across our business advisory expertise, Consilium Chartered Accountants help SMEs and charities in Scotland and across the UK meet their statutory obligations and build for the future.  

Learn more about Audit advisory services from Consilium below, find out about our role as Charity Auditors or contact our lead partner, David Holt to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting. 

Audit services that add real value

The cornerstone of Consilium’s approach to auditing and assurance is that it should be more than just a tick-box exercise; an effective audit does add value. 

By enhancing financial systems and mitigating commercial risks, a Consilium audit provides vital business insight for clients. Insights that can be used to accelerate growth, reduce costs and drive profits. 

To achieve this, we develop an ongoing relationship with every client. It takes more than a few days of client contact each year to fully understand a business. Hence, Consilium’s team of audit advisors work with clients continuously to gain deep and comprehensive insight. 

Auditing and assurance services for Scottish businesses and charities

Consilium Chartered Accountants offer comprehensive auditing and assurance services to Scottish and UK businesses and charities, including: 

  • Statutory audits
  • Non-statutory audits
  • Charity auditing and advisory
  • Voluntary statutory audits
  • Financial reporting and advisory services (UK and IFRS GAAPs)

Audits are senior manager-led with input from partners to ensure our clients receive well-informed advice and counsel. Each one is tailored to your needs and business timescales and is carried out with a minimum of interruption to working practices. 

Arrange a virtual or in-person meeting with our Audit Partner, David Holt.   

Audit services

Consilium: entrepreneurial audit advisors

At Consilium we offer an entrepreneurial perspective on business audit because our clients are start-ups, entrepreneurs and successful owner-managed businesses. Every statutory audit is a gateway to the advice, support and wise counsel of our team of highly experienced partners and senior managers.

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