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At Consilium Chartered Accountants, we understand the complexities of UK personal taxation. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in providing comprehensive personal tax services beyond simple compliance. Our goal is to help you navigate the intricate landscape of personal taxation, ensuring you pay the right amount of UK tax while maximising your available exemptions and reliefs.

A truly Personal Tax service

Consilium’s Personal Tax services are tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our objective is to provide truly personalised Personal Tax services to our clients.

personal tax services for UK and overseas tax payers from Consilium Chartered Accountants

Within our Tax team, we have dedicated specialists with extensive experience supporting specific types of clients, including:

  • Company Directors: For owner-managed businesses, our services offer personalised support to directors, ensuring their personal tax obligations are met in accordance with HMRC regulations. As specialists in owner-managed businesses, we are ideally placed to support both the business and personal tax requirements of business owners;
  • Property and Investment Portfolios: If you have rental properties, investment portfolios, or alternative income streams, our team can assist you in preparing and submitting tax returns for these ventures;
  • Global Income Streams: Private clients with income from overseas sources can rely on us to handle their tax returns for compliance purposes and advice on utilising applicable exemptions;
  • Non-Residents and Overseas Clients: For clients based outside the UK with business interests here or clients who are a non-resident within the UK, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of HMRC tax compliance regulations;
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning: Whether you’re selling assets or properties, our specialised expertise ensures efficient and effective Capital Gains Tax planning.

For a confidential discussion about Consilium’s Personal Tax services, contact our Director of Personal Tax, Joyce Fleming. You can also learn more about our Business Tax services.

Consilium’s comprehensive Personal Tax services

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive range of personal tax services we offer:

  • Individual Tax Returns: We meticulously prepare and submit tax returns for all individual personal clients, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Business Representation: In cases where we also represent your business interests, we prepare and submit client P11ds, which cover expenses and benefits for your employees.
  • Meeting Reporting Requirements: We handle all reporting requirements for personal tax, capital gains tax, and non-residential tax, relieving you of the burden of paperwork.
  • Trust Tax Matters: We assist in registering trusts and trust tax returns, offering expert guidance through complex regulations.
  • Partnership Tax Returns: For business partnerships, our team ensures timely and accurate partnership tax returns.
personal tax services for UK clients from Consilium Chartered Accountants

We are proud of our commitment to providing a personalised service. Every Consilium personal tax client is assigned a dedicated contact within our Tax team, ensuring a direct line of communication for tax updates, advice, and any questions you might have.

To learn more, contact our Personal Tax Director Joyce Fleming to arrange a confidential discussion.

Business and Personal Tax services combined for efficiency

At Consilium, we recognise the synergy between personal and business taxation. Our specialisation in owner-managed businesses means we work closely with our Corporate and Business Tax team colleagues. By entrusting both your personal and business tax affairs to a single provider, you benefit from seamless coordination and enhanced tax planning efficiency.

To discuss how our Personal Tax services can benefit you and your business, contact Personal Tax Director Joyce Fleming for a confidential discussion. Our team is here to provide expert guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions while optimising your tax position. You can also learn more about our Business Tax services.

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