Research and Development grants for Scottish businesses

Scottish Enterprise Research and Development (R&D) grants empower businesses to turn bold ideas into reality, providing funding for qualifying R&D projects. These can be awarded for a new product, process or service or improvements and modifications to existing ones. However, navigating the application process can be daunting, time-consuming and requires specialist expertise. These vary on a sector and location basis and Consilium can provide updates on the latest innovation funding and qualification criteria.

Consilium Chartered Accountants provide Scottish owner-managed businesses with the guidance to secure Research and Development grants. Our Grants Advisory service steers business owners through the complexities of the application process and maximises their chances of securing funding. Consilium clients also continue to benefit from our 100% success rate in grant funding applications.

research and development grants advice from Consilium Chartered Accountants

Our vision is to help business owners achieve their goals. If you are considering applying for an R&D grant or have been unsuccessful in the past, contact our Corporate Finance partner, Linzi Wilson. Consilium also supports entrepreneurs in securing other Scottish Business grants for growth and job creation.

Meeting the assessment criteria for Scottish Enterprise R&D grants

Firstly, there are no sector exclusions but the business must be based in Scotland. Consilium’s experts understand the intricacies of applying for and securing Scottish Enterprise R&D grants. We can assess your project’s eligibility, ensuring it aligns with Scottish Enterprise’s criteria, including commercial potential, and economic benefit. Our team will work with you to prepare robust financial projections that demonstrate your project’s financial and commercial viability.

Furthermore, Consilium can help you collate evidence that your business has the technical expertise and management capabilities to undertake the project successfully. This is fundamental to any successful application for a research and development grant from Scottish Enterprise.

research and development grants advice from Consilium Chartered Accountants

Unlock the full potential of the Scottish Enterprise Research and Development grants with Consilium’s help. Contact lead Partner Linzi Wilson for a confidential discussion of your funding needs. 

What levels of funding are available for Research and Development projects?

Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working independently on innovative Research and Development could be eligible for a grant of between 35% and 50% of their eligible project costs. This reduces to 25% to 40% for large companies.

Consilium’s experts will analyse your project budget, factoring in costs, potential revenue streams, and grant limitations. We will then guide you towards the optimal funding level to apply for as a business already located in Scotland or one planning to locate here.  

Why partner with Consilium on Research and Development grant applications?

Partnering with an experienced team for your Research and Development grant application is a strategic investment in your future. Consilium’s team of experts can transform your blueprints and innovative ideas into secured funding. We are here to help achieve your business goals and propel your company towards success.

research and development grants advice from Consilium Chartered Accountants

R&D grants could boost your company’s performance and bring new technology to the marketplace. If you are thinking about applying for a Scottish Enterprise Research and Development Grant, get in touch with lead Partner Linzi Wilson and take the first step towards making your vision a reality.

Alternatively, learn more about the range of Business Grants available in Scotland.

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Page last updated: January 2024