Netball star with a head for numbers aims for World Cup glory

With a plane ticket to South Africa for the 2023 Netball World Cup in her pocket, Consilium CA trainee and Scotland goal shooter Beth Goodwin talks about achieving goals on and off the netball court.

Finding the perfect balance

Since 2020, Beth has dovetailed her role as an ICAS trainee with a professional career with the Strathclyde Sirens in the British Netball Super League. Managing dual careers “I’m in a unique position being able to have dual careers with Consilium. I’m not just another employee; I’m viewed as a person with both professional and sporting goals,” Beth expresses proudly.

“Consilium’s mission is to help people achieve their goals and I’m a good example of what that means for team members”, she explains. “Everyone is so supportive, and my managers take the time to understand my position. It is a great place to achieve my goals.”

From Commonwealth Games to World Cup dreams

This time last year we caught up with Beth to discuss her selection for Scotland’s Commonwealth Games team. Twelve months on and following a season of personal bests for the Strathclyde Sirens, she is keen to reflect on her personal growth and development: “I feel like I’ve changed a lot as a player since the Games. Although as a team we didn’t achieve the final placing we aimed for, we gained a lot from the competition and we want to better it for the next one,” she reveals.

The image shows Beth Goodwin playing during qualification matches for the 2023 World Cup.
Beth Goodwin in action for the Scottish Thistles during a World Cup qualification match against Wales. Image: Netball Scotland

Having scored a spectacular 494 goals this season for the Sirens, Beth feels a great deal of confidence in her own ability heading into the World Cup.

“Confidence is key for a shooter,” Beth emphasises. “Knowing that you can turn to post, shoot, and reward your team. Believing in my ability and executing regularly has been a big part of this season. I’ll take that forward into the World Cup.”

Mastering the art of dual careers

Managing dual careers is undoubtedly a challenge, but Beth has found the key to success through good communication and effective time management: “The key to managing dual careers has been open communication with both my managers at Consilium and my coaches in netball.”

“One of the things I really enjoy about being part of the Audit team at Consilium is that it is similar to the netball court; we have to work collaboratively, but each individual has to complete their own tasks to get the results that you want for your client. Playing a part in both teams – Audit and the Sirens – complements my role in the other, I think.”

Focusing on big World Cup performances

With the World Cup only a matter of weeks away, Beth is setting her sights on consistent match performances: “I want to maintain a high level across the whole schedule of matches,” she affirms. However, she also recognises the importance of enjoying the experience. “As players, we give so much time in our lives to netball that you really need to enjoy the experience too. Both on the court and off it. If I get some downtime, I’d love to go on safari!”

The World Cup draw has been completed and Scotland’s group includes England and Malawi. With a determined look, Beth states: “The objective will be to really challenge the teams ranked above us – England and Malawi – with a particular focus on the Malawi match.”

Beth Goodwin Scotland netball international and Consilium Chartered Accountants CA student trainee. She will represent Scotland at the 2023 World Cup.
Beth Goodwin will represent Scotland at the 2023 Netball World Cup in South Africa.
Image: Netball Scotland

“We’d love to qualify from the group, and a second-place finish to reach the knockout rounds is definitely possible. The Malawi match will be a critical one for us. We really need to deliver a big performance there.”

Scotland v England

On the subject of matches against the ‘Auld Enemy’, Beth acknowledges the added intensity of the competition, saying: “There’s always that bit of added spice to any Scotland v England match, and it’s no different in netball.” Realistic about the challenges, she adds: “From our perspective, they are ranked well above us and have access to much more resources and funding. Their players play all around the world and compete at the highest level, so we’re realistic when it comes to matches with England.”

“But the supporters definitely get a bit more into it when it’s a match against England and that certainly drives you on a bit more” she concludes with a grin. 

Consilium and dual careers: a perfect fit

As our time together draws to a close, Beth continues to express her gratitude for the support she receives from Consilium, saying, “I’m so happy with the decision I took to train with Consilium. They are so supportive of my netball career, and I really could not manage dual careers like this without them.”

Undoubtedly, Beth exemplifies the intelligence and determination required to excel in both the demanding worlds of accountancy and professional netball. Consilium Chartered Accountants stand as a proud supporter of Beth’s sporting dreams, proving that a career in both realms is not only possible but also empowering.

With the World Cup fast approaching, Beth is ready to leave her mark on the court, all while demonstrating the exceptional skills and values that make her an essential member of the Consilium team.

The 2023 Netball World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa starts on 28 July. Beth and her Scotland teammates play Malawi on 28 July, Barbados on 29 July and England on 30 July. The knockout matches begin on 31 July.

Fans in the UK will be able to watch all matches live on Sky Sports.

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